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Notices Sent Home: 21st September

Newsletter No.27

Field Day Roster Request 2

School Disco

Google Apps For Education

Digital Technologies F-2 Student Acceptable Use Agreement

Digital Technologies 3-6 Student Acceptable Use Agreement

Notices Sent Home: 14th September

Newsletter No. 26

Concert Rehearsal Permission

School Disco Permission

Notices Sent Home: 7th September

Newsletter No.25

Field Days Roster Request

Concert Raffle Donation Request

Notices Sent Home: 31st August

Newsletter No.24

F-2 Photo Trail

3-6 Athletics Day

Concert Ticket Order Form

Notices Sent Home: 24th August

Newsletter No.23

F-6 Swimming

Father's Day BBQ Order Form

Father's Day Stall & Helper Request

Notices Sent Home: 17th August

Newsletter No.22

Book Week Activities

Notices Sent Home: 10th August

Newsletter No.21

2018 Grade 5/6 Canberra Tour Expression of Interest

Notices Sent Home: 3rd August

Newsletter No. 20

Trivia Night Ticket Order Form

Notices Sent Home: 28th July

Newsletter No.19

F-2 Healesville Sanctuary Excursion

Pie Lunch Order Day

Notices Sent home: 20th July

Newsletter No.18

Wandin Car Show Helper Request

Bringing Up Great Kids Course Flyer

Grade 4/5/6 Interschool Sports at Don Valley

Notices Sent Home: 29th June

Newsletter No.17

3-way Conferences

Notices Sent Home: 23rd June

Newsletter No.16

Spaghetti Day

Notices Sent Home: 15th June

Newsletter No.15

F-2 Grandparents/Special Persons Day

Notices Sent Home: 8th June

Newsletter No.14

Grade 4/5/6 Interschool Sports at Seville Primary School

Notices Sent Home: 1st June

Newsletter No.13

Sickness Notice

Hot Chocolate Day

Notices Sent Home: 25th May

Newsletter No.12

Year 5/6 Aussie Sports

Year F-2 Mont De Lancey Excursion

Notices Sent Home:18th May

Newsletter No.11

Notices Sent Home: 11th May

Newsletter No.10

Year F-2 Photo Trail/Tabloid Sports

Year 3-6 Cross Country

Notices Sent Home: 27th April

Newsletter No.9

Notices Sent Home: 30th March

Newsletter No. 8

Grade 3-6 Athletics Day

Grade 3/4 Sovereign Hill Payment

Grade 3/4 Sovereign Hill Medical Form

Grade 3/4 Sovereign Hill Dietary and Camp Agreement

Grade 5 Yarra Hills Discovery Day

Notices Sent Home: 23rd March

Newsletter No. 7

Notices Sent Home: 16th March

Newsletter No.6

Notices Sent Home: 9th March

Newsletter No.5

Urgent Wandin Horse Market Roster Request

Grade 3/4 Sovereign Hill Camp Expression Of Interest & Deposit Form

Grade 6 Young Leaders Day

Notices Sent Home: 2nd March

Newsletter No.4

Wandin Park Horse Event Roster Request

Notices Sent Home: 23rd February

Newsletter No.3

Contemporary Indigenous Dance Workshop

Notices Sent Home: 9th February

Newsletter No.2

Grade 5/6 Wilson's Prom Camp Final Reminders

Getting To Know You 3 Way Interview Bookings

Redgum Books Order Forms

Notices Sent Home: 2nd February

Newsletter No. 1

Camps Sports & Excursions Fund Information

Camps Sports & Excursions Fund Application

Grade 5/6 Wilson's Prom Camp Checklist

Fundraising Friends Meeting Invitation
Chaplaincy Consent Form

Notices Sent Home: 15th December

Newsletter No.39

Notices Sent Home: 8th December

Newsletter No. 38
Wandin Custom Car Show Helpers Request

Helpers Morning Tea


Notices Sent Home: 1st December

Newsletter No.37

Notices Sent Home: 24th November

Newsletter No.36

Grade 5/6 2017 Wilson's Prom Balance of Payment Note

Grade 5/6 2017 Wilson's Prom Camp Agreement and Dietary Requirements

Grade 5/6 2017 Wilson's Prom Medical Form

Grade 4/5 Girls Wellbeing Day

Grade 4/5 Boys Wellbeing Day

Grade 1/2 BBQ & Grade 2 Sleepover

Grade 2 Sleepover Medical Form

Parent Q&A Feedback Form

Notices Sent Home: 17th November

Newsletter No.35

Notices Sent Home: 10th November

 Newsletter No.34

Wandin Car Show Helper Request

Grade 6 2017 Uniform Order

Remembrance Day Service

Booklist 2017 Payments

Cyber safety Parent Information Session

Notices Sent Home: 3rd November

Newsletter No.33

Notices Sent Home: 27th October

Newsletter No. 32

Grade P-2 Junior Sports Day

Grade 3-6 Orienteering (Rescheduled Date)

Cup Day Eve Absences
Art Show at Mont De Lancey Grand Opening

Notices Sent Home: 20th October

Newsletter No.31

Grade 5/6 2017 Wilson's Prom Camp Expression of Interest

Notices Sent Home: 13th October

Newsletter No.30
Concert Rehearsal Permission

Notices Sent Home: 6th October

Newsletter No.29

Field Days Roster Request 2

Grade 5/6 Hooptime Finals

School Concert ticket Order Form

Grade 3-6 Orienteering

Seville Fire Brigade Street Parade

Notices Sent Home: 15th September

Newsletter No.28

Field Days Roster Request

Notices Sent Home: 8th September

Newsletter No. 27

Grade 5/6 Family Life Program

School Disco

Notices Sent Home: 1st September

Newsletter No.26

Write Now

Notices Sent Home: 25th August

Newsletter No.25

Grade 3/4 Tabloid Sports

Fundraising Friends Meeting Invitation
Fundraising Priorities Letter

Notices Sent Home: 18th August

Newsletter No.24

Father's Day BBQ

Father's Day Stall and BBQ Helpers Request

P-6 Swimming

Notices Sent Home: 11th August

Newsletter No.23
Grade 4/5/6 Excursion to Yarra Hills Production

Notices Sent Home: 4th August

Newsletter No.22

Grade 5/6 Hooptime

Notices Sent Home: 28th July

Newsletter No.21

Grade P-3 Walk to Wandin Shops Excursion
Grade 3/4 Hooptime

Notices Sent Home: 21st July

Newsletter No. 20

Grade 1/2 Hooptime

Grade 6 Butterfly Body Confidence Leadership Session

Notices Sent Home: 14th July

Newsletter No.19

Notices Sent Home: 23rd June

Newsletter No.18

Election Day Cake Stall Plate/Instructions

Notices Sent Home: 16th June

Newsletter No.17

Election Day Fundraiser

Notices Sent Home: 9th June

Newsletter No.16

Notices Sent Home: 2nd June

Newsletter No.15

Notices Sent Home:26th May

Newsletter No.14

Grade 6 Yarra Hills Leaders Forum

Grade 4/5/6 Interschool Sport at Don Valley

4/5M Excursion to Helmeted Honeyeaters

Life Education Van visit

Notices Sent Home: 19th May

Newsletter No.13

Horse Market Catering Roster request

Grade 5/6 Aussie Sports Expo

Grade P-3 Scienceworks Excursion

Notices Sent Home: 12th May

Newsletter No.12

Notices Sent Home: 5th May

Newsletter No.11
Grade 4/5/6 Interschool Sport Seville

Notices Sent Home: 28th April

Newsletter No.10

Invitation to Mother's Day Afternoon Tea

Mother's Day Stall

Grade 6 Graduation Subway Lunch Fundraiser

P-2 Junior Photo Trail/Tabloid Sports

Grade 3-6 Cross Country

Notices Sent Home: 21st April

Newsletter No.9

Bringing Up Great Kids Parenting Course

Notices Sent Home: 14th April

Newsletter No.8

Grade 5/6 Schools ANZAC Service

Grade 6 Yarra Hills Discovery Day

Camp Adanac Last Minute Reminders

Camp Adanac Gear Checklist

Notices Sent Home: 24th March

Newsletter No.7

Grade 3-6 Athletic Sports

Notices Sent Home: 17th March

Newsletter No.6

Family Easter Party Invitation

Notices Sent Home: 10th March
Newsletter No.5

Grade 3/4 Camp Adanac Permission

Grade 3/4 Camp Adanac Medical Form

Grade 3/4 Camp Adanac Dietary Requirements and Camp Agreement

3d Arts Mooroolbark Festival Flash Mob

SMS Notification

Notices Sent Home: 3rd March

Newsletter No.4

Notices Sent Home: 25th  February

Newsletter No.3

Grade 3-6 Mont De Lancey Training Session

Notices Sent Home: 18th February

Newsletter No.2

Fundraising Volunteers Request

Wandin Park Horse Trials Roster Request

Graduation Committee Icy Pole Days

Mothers Day Request

Before & After School Expression Of Interest

3 Way Conferences

Grade 6 Young Leaders Day

Grade 6 Lilydale High School Sports Day

School Council Nominations

Notices Sent Home: 4th February

Newsletter No.1

Family Fun Fair Meeting Invitation

Recieving Newsletters By Email

Camps Sports, Excursions Fund Information Flyer

Camps Sports, Excursions Fund Application Form

Camp Canberra Last Minute Reminders


Notices Sent Home: 17th December

Newsletter No.40

Camp Canberra Agreement and Dietary Requirements

Camp Canberra Medical Form




Notices Sent Home: 10th December

Newsletter No. 39

Transition Survey

Staffing and Class Structures 2016


Notices Sent Home: 3rd December

Newsletter No.38

Grade 6 and Prep Peer Support Picnic


Notices Sent Home: 26th November

Newsletter No.37

Grade 6 Last Day Primary School Excursion

Parent Payments 2016


Notices Sent Home: 19th November

Newsletter No.36

P-2 Junior Sports New Date Permission Form

2016 Canberra Camp Confirmation


Notices Sent Home: 12th November

Newsletter No.35

Wandin Car Show Roster Request

Grade 4/5 Girls Workshop

Grade 4/5 Boys Workshop

Wandin Sunset Festival Roster Request

2016 Somers Camp Expression Of Interest


Notices Sent Home: 5th November

Newsletter No.34

Remembrance Day Service Permission

Art Exhibition Grand Opening Permission

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