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Notices Sent Home: 17th November

Newsletter No.33

2018 Booklist Monies/Parent Payments

Notices Sent Home: 9th November

Newsletter No.32

Year F-2 Junior Sports Day

Year 3/4 VIS Excursion

Notices Sent Home: 3rd November

Newsletter No.31

Bunnings BBQ Helper Request

Remembrance Day Service



Notices Sent Home: 26th October

Newsletter No.30

Year 5/6 2018 Canberra Camp Payment Form

Year 5/6 2018 Canberra Camp Medical Form

Year 5/6 2018 Canberra Camp Contract and Dietary Form

Notices Sent Home: 19th October

Newsletter No.29

Year 3-6 Orienteering

Year F-2 Junior Sports

Year 5-6 City Experience Parent Helper Request

Notices Sent Home: 12th October

Newsletter No.28

F-2 Photo Trail

Art Show Opening

Notices Sent Home: 21st September

Newsletter No.27

Field Day Roster Request 2

School Disco

Google Apps For Education

Digital Technologies F-2 Student Acceptable Use Agreement

Digital Technologies 3-6 Student Acceptable Use Agreement

Notices Sent Home: 14th September

Newsletter No. 26

Concert Rehearsal Permission

School Disco Permission

Notices Sent Home: 7th September

Newsletter No.25

Field Days Roster Request

Concert Raffle Donation Request

Notices Sent Home: 31st August

Newsletter No.24

F-2 Photo Trail

3-6 Athletics Day

Concert Ticket Order Form

Notices Sent Home: 24th August

Newsletter No.23

F-6 Swimming

Father's Day BBQ Order Form

Father's Day Stall & Helper Request

Notices Sent Home: 17th August

Newsletter No.22

Book Week Activities

Notices Sent Home: 10th August

Newsletter No.21

2018 Grade 5/6 Canberra Tour Expression of Interest

Notices Sent Home: 3rd August

Newsletter No. 20

Trivia Night Ticket Order Form

Notices Sent Home: 28th July

Newsletter No.19

F-2 Healesville Sanctuary Excursion

Pie Lunch Order Day

Notices Sent home: 20th July

Newsletter No.18

Wandin Car Show Helper Request

Bringing Up Great Kids Course Flyer

Grade 4/5/6 Interschool Sports at Don Valley

Notices Sent Home: 29th June

Newsletter No.17

3-way Conferences

Notices Sent Home: 23rd June

Newsletter No.16

Spaghetti Day

Notices Sent Home: 15th June

Newsletter No.15

F-2 Grandparents/Special Persons Day

Notices Sent Home: 8th June

Newsletter No.14

Grade 4/5/6 Interschool Sports at Seville Primary School

Notices Sent Home: 1st June

Newsletter No.13

Sickness Notice

Hot Chocolate Day

Notices Sent Home: 25th May

Newsletter No.12

Year 5/6 Aussie Sports

Year F-2 Mont De Lancey Excursion

Notices Sent Home:18th May

Newsletter No.11

Notices Sent Home: 11th May

Newsletter No.10

Year F-2 Photo Trail/Tabloid Sports

Year 3-6 Cross Country

Notices Sent Home: 27th April

Newsletter No.9

Notices Sent Home: 30th March

Newsletter No. 8

Grade 3-6 Athletics Day

Grade 3/4 Sovereign Hill Payment

Grade 3/4 Sovereign Hill Medical Form

Grade 3/4 Sovereign Hill Dietary and Camp Agreement

Grade 5 Yarra Hills Discovery Day

Notices Sent Home: 23rd March

Newsletter No. 7

Notices Sent Home: 16th March

Newsletter No.6

Notices Sent Home: 9th March

Newsletter No.5

Urgent Wandin Horse Market Roster Request

Grade 3/4 Sovereign Hill Camp Expression Of Interest & Deposit Form

Grade 6 Young Leaders Day

Notices Sent Home: 2nd March

Newsletter No.4

Wandin Park Horse Event Roster Request

Notices Sent Home: 23rd February

Newsletter No.3

Contemporary Indigenous Dance Workshop

Notices Sent Home: 9th February

Newsletter No.2

Grade 5/6 Wilson's Prom Camp Final Reminders

Getting To Know You 3 Way Interview Bookings

Redgum Books Order Forms

Notices Sent Home: 2nd February

Newsletter No. 1

Camps Sports & Excursions Fund Information

Camps Sports & Excursions Fund Application

Grade 5/6 Wilson's Prom Camp Checklist

Fundraising Friends Meeting Invitation
Chaplaincy Consent Form

Notices Sent Home: 15th December

Newsletter No.39

Notices Sent Home: 8th December

Newsletter No. 38
Wandin Custom Car Show Helpers Request

Helpers Morning Tea


Notices Sent Home: 1st December

Newsletter No.37

Notices Sent Home: 24th November

Newsletter No.36

Grade 5/6 2017 Wilson's Prom Balance of Payment Note

Grade 5/6 2017 Wilson's Prom Camp Agreement and Dietary Requirements

Grade 5/6 2017 Wilson's Prom Medical Form

Grade 4/5 Girls Wellbeing Day

Grade 4/5 Boys Wellbeing Day

Grade 1/2 BBQ & Grade 2 Sleepover

Grade 2 Sleepover Medical Form

Parent Q&A Feedback Form

Notices Sent Home: 17th November

Newsletter No.35

Notices Sent Home: 10th November

 Newsletter No.34

Wandin Car Show Helper Request

Grade 6 2017 Uniform Order

Remembrance Day Service

Booklist 2017 Payments

Cyber safety Parent Information Session

Notices Sent Home: 3rd November

Newsletter No.33

Notices Sent Home: 27th October

Newsletter No. 32

Grade P-2 Junior Sports Day

Grade 3-6 Orienteering (Rescheduled Date)

Cup Day Eve Absences
Art Show at Mont De Lancey Grand Opening

Notices Sent Home: 20th October

Newsletter No.31

Grade 5/6 2017 Wilson's Prom Camp Expression of Interest

Notices Sent Home: 13th October

Newsletter No.30
Concert Rehearsal Permission

Notices Sent Home: 6th October

Newsletter No.29

Field Days Roster Request 2

Grade 5/6 Hooptime Finals

School Concert ticket Order Form

Grade 3-6 Orienteering

Seville Fire Brigade Street Parade

Notices Sent Home: 15th September

Newsletter No.28

Field Days Roster Request

Notices Sent Home: 8th September

Newsletter No. 27

Grade 5/6 Family Life Program

School Disco

Notices Sent Home: 1st September

Newsletter No.26

Write Now

Notices Sent Home: 25th August

Newsletter No.25

Grade 3/4 Tabloid Sports

Fundraising Friends Meeting Invitation
Fundraising Priorities Letter

Notices Sent Home: 18th August

Newsletter No.24

Father's Day BBQ

Father's Day Stall and BBQ Helpers Request

P-6 Swimming

Notices Sent Home: 11th August

Newsletter No.23
Grade 4/5/6 Excursion to Yarra Hills Production

Notices Sent Home: 4th August

Newsletter No.22

Grade 5/6 Hooptime

Notices Sent Home: 28th July

Newsletter No.21

Grade P-3 Walk to Wandin Shops Excursion
Grade 3/4 Hooptime

Notices Sent Home: 21st July

Newsletter No. 20

Grade 1/2 Hooptime

Grade 6 Butterfly Body Confidence Leadership Session

Notices Sent Home: 14th July

Newsletter No.19

Notices Sent Home: 23rd June

Newsletter No.18

Election Day Cake Stall Plate/Instructions

Notices Sent Home: 16th June

Newsletter No.17

Election Day Fundraiser

Notices Sent Home: 9th June

Newsletter No.16

Notices Sent Home: 2nd June

Newsletter No.15

Notices Sent Home:26th May

Newsletter No.14

Grade 6 Yarra Hills Leaders Forum

Grade 4/5/6 Interschool Sport at Don Valley

4/5M Excursion to Helmeted Honeyeaters

Life Education Van visit

Notices Sent Home: 19th May

Newsletter No.13

Horse Market Catering Roster request

Grade 5/6 Aussie Sports Expo

Grade P-3 Scienceworks Excursion

Notices Sent Home: 12th May

Newsletter No.12

Notices Sent Home: 5th May

Newsletter No.11
Grade 4/5/6 Interschool Sport Seville

Notices Sent Home: 28th April

Newsletter No.10

Invitation to Mother's Day Afternoon Tea

Mother's Day Stall

Grade 6 Graduation Subway Lunch Fundraiser

P-2 Junior Photo Trail/Tabloid Sports

Grade 3-6 Cross Country

Notices Sent Home: 21st April

Newsletter No.9

Bringing Up Great Kids Parenting Course

Notices Sent Home: 14th April

Newsletter No.8

Grade 5/6 Schools ANZAC Service

Grade 6 Yarra Hills Discovery Day

Camp Adanac Last Minute Reminders

Camp Adanac Gear Checklist

Notices Sent Home: 24th March

Newsletter No.7

Grade 3-6 Athletic Sports

Notices Sent Home: 17th March

Newsletter No.6

Family Easter Party Invitation

Notices Sent Home: 10th March
Newsletter No.5

Grade 3/4 Camp Adanac Permission

Grade 3/4 Camp Adanac Medical Form

Grade 3/4 Camp Adanac Dietary Requirements and Camp Agreement

3d Arts Mooroolbark Festival Flash Mob

SMS Notification

Notices Sent Home: 3rd March

Newsletter No.4

Notices Sent Home: 25th  February

Newsletter No.3

Grade 3-6 Mont De Lancey Training Session

Notices Sent Home: 18th February

Newsletter No.2

Fundraising Volunteers Request

Wandin Park Horse Trials Roster Request

Graduation Committee Icy Pole Days

Mothers Day Request

Before & After School Expression Of Interest

3 Way Conferences

Grade 6 Young Leaders Day

Grade 6 Lilydale High School Sports Day

School Council Nominations

Notices Sent Home: 4th February

Newsletter No.1

Family Fun Fair Meeting Invitation

Recieving Newsletters By Email

Camps Sports, Excursions Fund Information Flyer

Camps Sports, Excursions Fund Applic